Stay Low…

# these were shared in my facebook today.. i felt that i need to share it here..

# been very busy lately.. citrawarna.. pesta konvo.. and of course, my priority, academic life..

# didn’t have time for myself..

# sometimes you’ll meet me with sad face..

# at certain time, i’m jealous, angry, and stress with posts by my friends in facebook which make me think “who am i though??” or “sekadar di pinggiran..” or “sik pa la.. lejuk dah orang nangga muka aku tok..”

# just be patient with me, okay??

# when all these end, i’ll stay low profile and spend more time for me, myself and i and my love one..

eerrr.... -.-'

eerrr.... -.-'

Copyright © Ini Bukan Cerita Dongeng, 03:30 PM, 12/10/2011.

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