Standing On The EGGS!!


hey, it's me!!

hey, it's me!!

step on 'em!!

step on 'em!!

# surprised?? well, me myself was surprise the first time i did it!!

# i did that when i was in a motivation programme at sk pinang, kota samarahan.. (i’m not sure what’s the module called..)

# by the way, i’m just gonna share my thought and perspective about the module..

# i posted the picture in my facebook account and two of my friends asked, “how’d you do that without even breaking the eggs?!! i’m excited!!”

# well, here are some tips..

#1 confident – always confident that you’re not gonna break even make a crack on the shell..

#2 never doubt yourself – don’t ever doubt in what you’re gonna do.. be 100% sure!!

#3 believe in yourself – believe nobody but yourself.. nobody gonna help you get on top of the egg but you.. you got you and yourself..

#4 deep breath – take a deep breath and get ready to step on it..

#5 find something to hold on to – you need it to help you to get on the egg.. you can ask help from your friends..

#6 one step at a time – take a smooth and steady step.. take another step~

#7 be free – once you’re in balance, let go of your hands from your friends..

# there you go!! you’re standing on EGGS!!!

# what i did in this module are also applicable in real life!!

Copyright © Ini Bukan Cerita Dongeng, 03:55 AM, 17/08/2011.

6 Responses to “Standing On The EGGS!!”

  1. wow..nice2~ nothing is impossibe!

  2. good motivation for students for us… 🙂 n younger

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